My name is Jewell Eason and I am a City Honors allum and Niagara University student. I was born and raised here in Buffalo, NY, and I want to do my part in helping the community.


Shopthe716.com is a website designed to help promote all local businesses in the Buffalo area. Our goal is to create a strong relationship between our local businesses and the community. We believe that it is important for the community to support local so that these businesses can then give back to the community. 


Your business name and contact information will be displayed under different categories throughout the website so our users can easily find you. To reiterate, you will not be charged to be featured on our site.


This website will allow each business to receive:


  • Free Advertisement - We will share your business on our social media pages and have different featured businesses every week. 


  • Short term commitments - After each year, we will contact you to update your business on the website but you are free to contact us any time.

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